WhatsApp on iOS receives photos that can only be viewed once


WhatsApp: After hitting Android in June, “only viewable once” messages on WhatsApp have made their way to iOS via a new beta version of the iPhone app. According to WABetaInfo, the feature is in update, available in Testflight.

This means that, starting with the update, the iPhone user will be able to send messages with photos and videos that self-destruct as soon as they are viewed. Anyone who has access to “view once” (or “view once” in Portuguese) will see a button in the application.

Nothing prevents a print

Unlike messages that disappear in up to seven days, photos and videos sent using the “view only once” mode will disappear immediately after they are closed. The sender will be notified when your media is viewed and thats it, disappears.

Despite being a feature oriented to give more privacy, there is nothing to prevent the recipient of the content from taking screenshots — the sender will not be notified if this happens. Furthermore, it is not possible to prevent the sender from being notified of the “read”.

View once on Android

“Watch it once” was already available on Android. Released gradually, the feature should reach all users in the next stable versions of the application. To find out if the function is available on your account, just check if there is a button with the number “1” next to the “Add a caption” bar when sharing media.

If available, just select an image from the smartphone gallery, tap the clock-like icon (counter of times it can be seen) and send. When the recipient opens, you will receive a notification. If you are going to receive the photo, the file will simply disappear when closed (if you don’t take a screenshot).


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