WhatsApp Now Works On Up To 4 Devices At The Same Time


WhatsApp: This Wednesday (14), WhatsApp finally released a function that users have been waiting for. The company announced the new cross-platform feature of the app, which allows you to use the messenger on up to four devices simultaneously without the need for a cell phone. Your smartphone doesn’t need to be charged or connected to the internet.

The user will be able to connect their WhatsApp account on any device, independently. But, on first use, you’ll still need to use your cell phone to confirm the phone number in the app. In addition, devices will be disconnected if the user does not use WhatsApp on their cell phone for more than 14 days.


The messenger emphasizes that it maintains the level of privacy on all devices, with end-to-end encryption, even in the synchronization of data such as contact names, conversation files, favorite messages, among others.

In order to keep users safe, the company had to rethink the entire application architecture in a way that would not harm the user experience. The company details the changes on a special page.

It is worth noting, however, that the cross-platform feature is only available to users using the latest beta or Business beta version of the app. So far, WhatsApp has not revealed when the news will be made publicly available.


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