WhatsApp now lets you join group calls anytime


WhatsApp: With the onset of the pandemic, many people found video calls as a way out to kill their friends and family. With that in mind, WhatsApp launched this Monday (19) a new feature so that users do not miss any group conversations.

The new functionality allows the user to join a video call at any time, without having to be called again. For example, if you don’t hear your cell phone ring or can’t answer it right away, you can join the conversation if it’s still active.

Just go to the “Calls” tab and click on the camera or phone icon next to the desired conversation. WhatsApp also allows the user to see who is already participating and who has been invited but has not yet joined.

Increase in the number of calls

With social distancing measures, WhatsApp had a large increase in the number of calls in the app. According to the company, in the new year 2021, it reached a record 1.4 billion voice and video calls made in a single day by the application.


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