WhatsApp: New Option For Disappearing Messages


WhatsApp incorporated a much loved feature of Telegram late last year. WhatsApp, which came across its users with its self-destructing messages feature, released its tool to clean chats within 7 days. Now WhatsApp app developers will add a different time option for the same feature.

Messages that are automatically deleted after 7 days will now have one more time option. According to this innovation discovered by some fanatic fans of the WhatsApp, we will meet the messages that disappear after 1 day.

WhatsApp messages will be deleted within 24 hours

The new feature that WhatsApp is working on was discovered by WABetaInfo, which was investigating the secret codes of the platform. According to the sources, the messaging service will bring a second time interval to the auto-deleted messages feature. In addition to the 7-day option, the 24-hour option will also be included.

WABetaInfo announced the same feature at the beginning of March. However, there was no visual or concrete evidence in their post at that time. The team simply “WhatsApp is testing the ability to set messages to disappear after 24 hours.” had posted the message. After a month, these allegations were supported by photographs.

Messages disappeared in iOS, messages feature came to WhatsApp groups

The disappearing messages tool, which has been used comfortably in personal chats until now, has also reached groups with the latest WhatsApp update of iOS. Media and messages may disappear after 7 days in groups where this feature is activated.

Of course, there are exceptional cases where theĀ WhatsApp disappearing messages feature becomes ineffective. For example, a transmitted message or media content will not be lost when added to favorites or saved. The same feature works in group chats as well as in personal conversations.


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