WhatsApp: New Audio Player Is Released for PC


WhatsApp messenger has started to make available a new voice message player in the PC version of the service, both for Windows and macOS.

According to the WABetaInfo website, the great novelty of the feature is the possibility to continue listening to an audio message even if you leave the conversation in question and browse other chats or groups on the platform — something especially useful for longer messages, for example.

When changing conversations, the player remains at the bottom of the program and you can still click to go back or forward in the voice message. The same feature appeared in tests already in the iOS version of WhatsApp, but has not yet been released on the Android platform.

For now, the feature is only released to groups of users who use the Beta version of the desktop program, specifically version 2.2204.5. If the new feature hasn’t appeared for you, look for the manual update to get the latest build and test the added function.