WhatsApp Multi-Device Support BetaTesting Begins


WhatsApp multi-device support beta testing has begun. Many developers now understand that their apps are used on more than one device. Many people need to access an app on multiple devices. Multi-device support has been among the most requested features from WhatsApp developers for a long time. Confirming the arrival of this feature a while ago, WhatsApp has also started beta tests.

Thanks to the multi-device support of WhatsApp, WhatsApp can be accessed on other devices even if there is no internet connection on the main device. Currently, only WhatsApp web, desktop and Portal applications can connect accounts. However, in the coming period, users will be given the opportunity to log in to four additional devices, including a smartphone.

Users will also be able to migrate chat history between iOS and Android. However, the application needs to be updated before this migration. Both audio and video calls will be synced across devices. Users will not be able to call or send messages on a phone with an older version of WhatsApp. At this point, it is worth remembering that WhatsApp’s multi-device support is an optional feature.

Smartphones are currently not supported in beta testing of WhatsApp multi-device support. However, in the later stages of the test, it is considered certain that smartphones will be added to the multi-device support with the prominent visual feature.


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