WhatsApp message that will limit us on November 7


Spain is in the middle of the second wave of the Coronavirus, suffering the scourge of much more severe figures than those of last March. And we also have the shadow of a new home confinement in many areas, provinces and communities of the country. It is the ideal situation for the ‘Fake News’ to start running through the network, spreading hoaxes and false news all over the place.

There will be no confinement as WhatsApp says

Through messaging services such as WhatsApp, which with more than 1/4 of the world’s population using it is the ideal network for these things, the following message circulates:

“They lock us up next week. The 7 confined until November 30. They will tell us on the 5th, it will appear in the BOE on the 6th and 7th bolt

I get the information from health sources! Instructions have already reached them

Home confinement ”

Thus, as written, it is the message that alerts of a confinement not for November 9, a date that is on the table right now, but before, for almost now, for Sunday of this week.

Fake news by WhatsApp

What truth is there in this? Nothing, because the message is false. The typical message forwarded without knowing the original sender, with a ‘brother-in-law’ tone with the typical “I know someone who has a relative working in a hospital”, etc, etc.

The same Ministry of Health of Spain has used its social networks to warn that this message is “a hoax without foundation. Always go to official sources to find out, such as the website of the Ministry of Health http://mscbs.gob.es and our official digital channels “.

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