WhatsApp may receive animated stickers from other apps


WhatsApp started testing, on Tuesday (02), a feature to allow users to import packages of animated stickers from other applications. For now, the feature is available in Brazil, Iran and Indonesia in version of the application for Android and 2.21.40 for iOS.

According to the website Wabetainfo, the chat program has been testing the mechanism for a few months. The app already allowed the import of static stickers created in other software and from now on it will also accept moving images.

To perform the import it is necessary to create packages with at least three stickers. In addition, Wabetainfo says that at the beginning, it is possible that users will have problems when importing packages with static and animated stickers together, since the feature is still being improved.

One of the applications that is already being used to test the functionality is the “Sticker Maker Studio”. The program, available on the App Store and Play Store, allows the creation of stickers from videos and GIFs and compresses the size of the final file.

Another important reminder given by the website that gave the information is that not everyone will have access to the tool today. Application updates take at least 24 hours to reach a large number of users.

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