WhatsApp makes it easy to recognize business accounts!


WhatsApp recently introduced a convenience to iOS for recognizing business accounts. The option, which is still in beta, has come to Android.


In the new update coming to iOS, a beta version of WhatsApp Messenger came. At this point, the instant messaging application has now made business accounts more prominent. In the new feature, a text appears under the name of the business stating that there is a workplace account.

Now, WhatsApp has offered this feature to Android users. The change, which is still in beta, includes the same options it offers on iOS.

WhatsApp reveals workplace accounts to the user

As you can see in the screenshot below, when chatting with a business account, a temporary phrase appears under the business account. In addition, WhatsApp is protecting your chats and calls with businesses using solution providers as of the new update. At this point, it was seen that businesses could trust Facebook services or third-party companies. How they process your messages depends on them.

Photo: WaBetaInfo

Your messages continue to be end-to-end encrypted

WhatsApp still encrypts your messages end-to-end. He promises that this situation will never change. It just implemented a change to the way some business accounts use to store chats with you. If the use of cloud providers’ services starts, this change is notified to the other party in the chat.

Users will know if the business is using external services

Users will know whether the business relies on Facebook or external services to manage and store the chat with them. Besides that, he will always have control over his speech. So they will have the ability to stop and block chat with their business account.

Business accounts on WhatsApp are not all the same. If you are chatting with a workplace, it does not mean that they are using a solution provider. At this point, a business account may be avoiding an external service to manage or store chats with users. However, there are also business accounts using cloud services. These have additional services and are able to respond effectively to customers. The instant messaging app makes it easy to understand with this update.

Thanks to this feature offered by WhatsApp, users will now understand whether the party they are messaging is a business. At this point, fraudulent moves made by people who introduce themselves as businesses may also come to an end. It is not yet clear when the popular instant messaging application will release the feature to the stable version.

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