WhatsApp Makes Fun Of Telegram, But Shot Backfires


WhatsApp: Telegram spent last Friday (14) making jokes with WhatsApp because of the new and controversial guidelines for using the app. The Facebook messenger team tried to get back at a post on Twitter, but the shot backfired.

Last week, Telegram posted an image on Twitter comparing WhatsApp with a trash can. The Facebook application team responded with a meme indicating that the rival does not have end-to-end encryption enabled by default.

Telegram responded to the provocation by saying that WhatsApp is not transparent with its audience. “Our users know how things work, and we have open source to prove it,” said the application’s profile.

In addition, Telegram also published an image attacking WhatsApp encryption. According to the application, the Facebook platform can access chats to restore conversations with just a phone number.

In addition, Telegram says WhatsApp shares information with Apple and Google. The Facebook messenger uses the iCloud and Google Drive cloud services to save user data and back up messages.


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