WhatsApp limits message sharing to 5 people or groups


WhatsApp added a new feature in Brazil that limits the amount of message shares in the messenger. From now on, you can only send posts for five conversations at a time. The goal is to make the user overcome by tiredness and reduce the spread of mass messages

It is very easy to test the new lock. Just hold your finger on a received message (which can be text, video, link or image) and click on the arrow icon, which indicates sharing. Then, try to select more than five contacts or groups to receive notice that you have reached the limit. TecMundo and Canaltech were able to successfully test the “novelty”.

It is worth remembering that the limit has a certain “gap”, since groups can count on more than five contacts. In addition, you can repeat the procedure with five people at a time, even if the procedure is much more laborious.

Here is not the worst case

The feature had already been announced in July 2018 in India, the first country to receive the most “serious” limitation of the messenger. Over there, the concern of WhatsApp is increasing with the amount of spam and also with fake news – same themes in debate here, but with even more intensity.

In other countries, the number of conversations that could receive a shared message had only decreased in number, but it was still significant.


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