WhatsApp limits message forwarding to only one contact at a time


WhatsApp will now limit the forwarding of messages to just one contact on Tuesday (7). The measure applies to texts that are frequently shared on the Android and iPhone (iOS) and WhatsApp Web applications, and seeks to stop the spread of fake news and other inaccurate information in the messenger.

According to WhatsApp, this makes the app “one of the few products that have taken steps to restrict virality and put limits on how people can send messages”. The new coronavirus pandemic caused an increase in the sharing of dubious currents in the messenger, and the service has been used even more to deliver scams with the beginning of the quarantine.

The forwarding restriction for just one contact applies to frequently shared messages. They are signaled by a double arrow next to the “forwarded” warning, and the seal is assigned to texts that are passed on five or more times on WhatsApp. Meanwhile, the other messages remain subject to the forwarding limit for up to five contacts.

The novelty is yet another measure taken by WhatsApp that helps to fight fake news. In the period leading up to the 2018 Elections, the application started to limit the forwarding of messages in Brazil and warn when the content is passed on.

WhatsApp is also developing a text search tool for highly forwarded messages. When you receive a text message with the double arrow stamp, the app shows a magnifying glass to search directly on Google.

When touching the icon, the user is directed to the search engine, which should display results that allow checking the veracity of the content. The feature was spotted in tests on WhatsApp Beta in March, and was activated this Saturday (4) for users of the trial version to test it.