WhatsApp Launches Photos and Videos That Disappear After Viewing


This Tuesday (3), WhatsApp launches for all users the function of photos and videos that self-destruct after they are sent. The novelty begins to be made available to users of the messenger later this week. With this, files shared with other users can only be viewed once.

WhatsApp explains that photos and videos shared with the new feature will display an icon with the number “1”, indicating that the view will be unique. These messages cannot be forwarded to other users, saved or favorited, but the recipient will still be able to take screenshots or screen recordings of the content without WhatsApp sending any kind of notification.

These media are also not saved in the recipient’s gallery, which can help with cell phone storage control — or for more ephemeral messages, in fact. The messenger also highlights, about the novelty, that:

Media cannot be viewed a second time;

It will only be possible to know if the recipient has opened a media if he has read confirmation enabled;

You will need to select the function whenever you are sending a single view media;

If the media sent is not opened within 14 days, the file will be unavailable.

However, WhatsApp clarifies that these single-view files can be backed up “if the message with the media file is not opened before the backup is done”. If the media has been opened, the file will not be backed up. The company also stresses that single-view media, which have end-to-end encryption, “may remain on WhatsApp servers for a few weeks after shipping.”


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