WhatsApp Launches A New Health Program


With the new incubation program it started, WhatsApp aims to bring solutions to health problems with the organizations it chooses.

The pandemic period has deeply affected the lives of many people. Although it has been brought under control to some extent with the development of technology, COVID 19 continues to spread somehow. In this process, other diseases can be triggered and spread. Some companies are taking steps to prevent health problems.

Now, WhatsApp has launched a program to help organizations find solutions to health problems. Together with 10 organizations to be selected, it will explore ways to deal with health problems. Here are the details…

WhatsApp Incubation Program in India

WhatsApp announced today that it has launched an incubation program to support organizations working to develop digital solutions to prevent health emergencies. The WhatsApp Incubation Program aims to make it easier to solve health problems with consistent results by taking advantage of the Business program.

According to the company’s statement, 10 organizations dealing with critical health problems will be determined. The solutions produced with the support of WhatsApp will be a program focused on creating a more understandable and applicable design. In this process, the company will guide these organizations.

WhatsApp will provide technical support to selected organizations to design, prototype and pilot healthcare use cases. WhatsApp India President Abhijit Bose says technology is the biggest weapon in India’s fight against Covid 19.

Bose explained that during the pandemic, many non-governmental organizations, small or large, in government agencies, civil actors, city governments, industries and locations are benefiting from the innovations of the WhatsApp Business Platform. He hopes this new program will yield good results in solving India’s health problems.

NGOs, new and small organizations, as well as other organizations that will take more innovative approaches to solving immune, mental health and maternal health problems, will be able to register to be selected for the program.

WhatsApp said it will provide many opportunities to participating organizations. Many resources will be provided, including the chance to seek advice from industry experts, get impact measurement guidance and support, and contact funders to scale use cases. Applications will close on 24 December 2021.

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