WhatsApp is used by 75% of small and medium retailers as a sales channel, according to a survey


Loja Integrada, a platform for creating digital commerce, released a survey which reveals that around 75% of small and medium retailers use WhatsApp as a direct sales channel, in addition to an online store.


Messenger is also used by 68% of merchants as the primary customer service tool. The survey also showed Instagram in second place with 15% and e-mail is in third place, with 5.6% of business share.

“Because it is free, the app is on the cell phone of almost all Brazilians. For the entrepreneur, one of the main advantages of using the tool is being able to create campaigns and promotional actions that are sent automatically”, said the store’s marketing director Integrated, Gustavo Ruchaud.

The company also highlights the features that the messenger offers, such as the verification of metrics and the possibility of carrying out an almost real-time service, facilitating the virtual dialogue between the customer and the retailer.

This information comes to light in the week that WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram were down for more than 6 hours after a possible DNS failure of the platforms, which harmed many marketers who depend on the apps.

Shortly after the applications went offline, numerous reports began to surface of losses caused by the drop in services, ranging from lost online sales to even blackouts.


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