WhatsApp is sued in India for its new privacy policy


In addition to negative and angry demonstrations against its new privacy policies on all social media, and even a principle of exodus to other applications, WhatsApp will face another challenge, this time in the courts of India, according to information published on Thursday ( 14) by the British agency Reuters.

In the initial petition for a lawsuit, proposed to an Indian court on Thursday (14), they are presented as arguments against the unilateral acts of the Facebook owned messenger: user surveillance and a threat to India’s national security, by the way , one of the biggest markets in the app.

In the claims of Indian lawyer Chaitanya Rohilla, “[the privacy updates] provide a virtually 360 degree profile on a person’s online activity.” For him, in doing so, “WhatsApp scoffs at the fundamental right to privacy”, demonstrating arbitrary and intimidating behavior.

The new WhatsApp policies

The controversy started on January 4, when WhatsApp issued a message, from its California headquarters, reserving the right to share some data of its users, including location and phone number, to its parent company Facebook and other subsidiaries. -sisters like Instagram and Messenger.

The attitude generated immediate reactions among the approximately 400 million users of the messaging platform in the country, who started a migration movement to rival applications, such as Signal and Telegram, forcing WhatsApp to start an expensive advertising campaign to try to calm its customers.

The move also caused a lot of outrage in Turkey, and had repercussions in the government area, with the country’s Competition Council starting an official investigation into the messaging service and its parent company.

WhatsApp has given users until February 8 to agree to the proposed new terms. Or leave the platform for good.


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