WhatsApp is on the agenda with a new feature!


The Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp ecosystem is growing day by day. WhatsApp, which has millions of users, will provide convenience to E-commerce companies thanks to the shopping button.

WhatsApp shopping button has been activated all over the world

The rates of online shopping have increased significantly, especially due to the pandemic. The expansion of e-commerce volume has enabled many companies to serve users with innovative approaches.

WhatsApp alışveriş butonu aktif edildi

WhatsApp, the most used messaging application, has introduced the business account feature in recent years. Now, the company, which activates the shopping feature for business accounts, will allow users to make purchases through the application.

When clicking the button that will replace the voice search icon, the product catalog will be shown to the users. With the feature that makes it easier to ask questions about any product during the chat and to add the products to the cart and pay, WhatsApp aims to enable users to spend more time in the application.

The officials made a statement about the new feature, “Previously, it was necessary to click on the profile tab to see the catalogs of the businesses. Thanks to our new feature, users will be able to access catalogs more easily and start a conversation about the product they want with a single click. In this way, businesses will be able to increase their sales. ”Used expressions.

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