WhatsApp: India wants to ‘block’ new privacy terms


The government of India has decided to sue the messenger WhatsApp to prevent the mandatory application’s new privacy policy from being enforced.

According to the Android Police website, the action came from the country’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The document asks Facebook, which owns the messenger, to cancel the proposal to change privacy policies at least in the region.

In addition, the action asks for more details as to what data is collected by WhatsApp, citing any concerns about security risks generated by the company and even the possibility that the changes would violate local privacy laws.

Long process

In summary, the changes to WhatsApp’s privacy policy involve sharing data in conversations with business accounts and Facebook.

After a postponement to improve communication with the user, the terms must be accepted until May 2021. As already communicated by the developer, the messenger will have very limited use by those who do not grant the new permissions to the application.

India had already lobbied WhatsApp in January and February 2021 – the latter from the country’s Supreme Court. However, the dispute at the national level has not yet been resolved. The country is the world leader in the app’s access base, with around 400 million active users. For now, WhatsApp has not responded to the latest accusations from the Indian government.


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