WhatsApp: How To Send Photos and Videos That Disappear After Viewing


This week, WhatsApp launched its new single-view photo and video feature. The tool will allow the user, when sending the media, to opt for the disappearance of the image or video after viewing.

The functionality was already a recurring request from users, seeking more privacy in sending messages. WhatsApp considers the feature to be useful for various needs that not only include sending nudes, for example, but also sending passwords and others.

Want to know how to send images that disappear on WhatsApp after opening? Follow:

1. Open the camera or select the image or video you want to send.

2. Next, next to the text box — used to write a caption on the image or video — there will be a circled “1” icon (indicated in the image below by an arrow).

3. After tapping the icon for the first time, a message will be displayed explaining about the functionality, as in the photo below. In subsequent times, a simple “Single View Photo” prompt will appear to confirm the selected option.

4. When sending the photo or video, the sender and recipient will see in the messages only the functionality icon with the type of media beside (“Photo” or “Video”), and only after the recipient clicks on the message will the content is displayed. The sender will not be able to see the image/video he sent.

That’s to say, even if you send media that’s going to disappear, the recipient will still be able to take a screenshot or screenshot — and you won’t be informed.


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