WhatsApp: How To Recover Deleted Messages From a Chat


WhatsApp: Although it took a long time to have it, the truth is that the function of being able to delete messages within a WhatsApp chat or group could not be more useful, since it helps us to prevent someone from reading a message that we have sent by mistake . In this way, if we delete the message before the recipient or recipients read it, we will prevent them from being able to read it.

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages

The bad thing is that, unlike others like Telegram, there are certain conditions to delete the message, and if we take too long, we can only delete it in our chat, since the other contact or group will continue to be able to read it. But the funny thing is that there are ways to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp.

The truth is that these types of functions are usually a good claim to distribute viruses or malware, but the methods that we are going to show below work perfectly.

WhatsRemoved +

There are several apps that have been designed to be able to recover those messages that have been sent to us and that before we have been able to read them have been deleted. One of the best works is WhatsRemoved +, available for Android devices.

Once installed, its operation cannot be simpler, all we have to do is grant it access to the phone’s notifications and activate WhatsApp as one of the applications for which the application will record notifications. From that moment, every time a message comes to us via WhatsApp and it is deleted by the person who sent it, try to go to WhatsAppRemoved + and check what the message put.


Another app that solves the curiosity of seeing that deleted message is WAMR, which uses the same trick as notifications. And it is that the app cannot access the messages encrypted by WhatsApp, but it can detect them the moment a contact sends them to us, and know that they have just been deleted. When the app detects that a message has been deleted by its author, it will notify you.

Its advantage is that it not only recovers text messages, but also states, videos, animated GIFs, audio notes, documents, etc. But due to its operation, it is not useful to recover deleted messages before you install WARM, only afterwards.

The Widget trick

If you don’t want to install anything, you can use a ‘trick’ that is actually using a function of your own mobile, a system that is itself the same as the one used by the WAMR app: Notifications. In Android we can pull the ‘Notification History’, something that although it is easy to find, you may either have it deactivated or you do not have it available directly – it depends on the manufacturer. If you use Android 11 or 12 for example, you do, but in previous versions it may or may not.

If you use a Samsung mobile, maybe you have to activate it because it is disconnected, for this go into Settings, and type in the search engine notifications history / notifications history to go directly to it -although it is usually within Advanced Settings.

Like WAMR, this registry shows you the notification as it reached the mobile, before it was deleted, and you can use it to read it. For them:

Go to the desktop of the mobile, find a clear area and make a long press
You will get several options, including placing ‘widgets’ on the desktop
Go among the available Widgets and look for the Settings one – its icon is a gear.
If you cannot find it, it is because the mobile manufacturer will have blocked it, try installing Nova Launcher, it may turn out this way.
When you have the settings widget, press it to access the notification history. And once opened, look for the WhatsApp messages you have received -you will see everything in code-, and you will see those that were deleted from the WhatsApp chat or group.Recover deleted messages on WhatsApp Web

If you are one of those who use the web version of the messaging app from the browser on your computer, there is also a way to easily recover deleted messages. To do this, we will have to use the Chrome browser and use the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension, available from this link to the Chrome Web Store.

The steps to follow are very simple, we install the extension in the browser and once this is done, a small window will be shown to open WhatsApp Web. Now, we click on the extension icon to access its settings and we mark the option Restore deleted messages. From this moment, we will be able to see what those messages received that were deleted said.

It is possible that for this we have to leave the chat in question and re-enter or refresh WhatsApp Web, but in one way or another, we can see how the message appears next to a prohibited icon, the text “This message was deleted” and then the deleted message.

Through Backups

WhatsApp makes a daily backup at 2 in the morning, storing the necessary files on your smartphone to maintain a history of up to 7 days, that is, we have a data backup on the mobile phone to see the conversations of up to one week ago. Ideal to recover something that we have deleted.

You can save your chats and multimedia files in Google Drive so that you can use the latest backup to restore that message you want. The first thing is to meet these 4 requirements:

Have Google Drive synced on your phone.
Install Google Play Services on your phone
Have enough free space on Google Drive for all WhatsApp data.
Have enough free space on your phone to create the backup (don’t pete the storage yet).
Once these requirements are met, the following is the process of creating the backup in Google Drive:

Step 1
The first of all is to open WhatsApp. Then go to Menu Button> Settings> Chats> Backup.

Step 2
Press Save to Google Drive and select how often you want backups to be saved.

Step 3
Select the Google account you want to use to save your backup. If you haven’t added an account yet, tap Add account. And very important: do not forget the Google account that you use to save your copies.

Step 4
Tap Save using to select the type of network you want to use for saving backups. To avoid wasting 4G data, it is recommended that you do it at home with your smartphone connected to a Wi-Fi network before saving your data in Google Drive.

Restore Google Drive data

If for whatever reason WhatsApp does not detect a copy, make sure that none of the following cases are happening to you:

You are not using the same Google account that you used to create the backup.
You are not using the same phone number that you created the backup with.
The SD card and / or the file that contains your history is corrupt.
There is no copy in Google Drive or on your phone.
To restore WhatsApp again:
Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.
Open WhatsApp and verify your phone number.
When prompted, tap RESTORE to recover your chats and media files from the copy stored in Google Drive.
When the restore process is complete, tap NEXT. Your chats will show up once the initialization is complete.
After the chats are restored, WhatsApp will start restoring your media files.
If you install WhatsApp and you don’t have any backup stored in Google Drive, WhatsApp will automatically restore your chats using local backup.


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