WhatsApp: How To Make Bold Writing?


WhatsApp has more than 1 billion monthly active users. WhatsApp has become the most common way to express ourselves. Purchased by Facebook 5 years after its establishment, the application also includes voice and video call features. People can communicate with each other in a more interactive way.

Apps like WhatsApp have a common problem: they can’t convey emotions as they are. Due to the nature of text messaging, we may be incapable of communicating our thoughts for the moment. There are some solutions developed by WhatsApp, which does not remain indifferent to this problem. Emojis and stickers are the main ones. But in cases where it is insufficient, the message formatting feature comes into play.

For example, when writing a message about an important topic, you can write the word you want to emphasize in bold font. The word you emphasize draws the attention of the other person more. How will this be done? We explained it in detail in our WhatsApp bold writing guide. All transactions are valid for Android, iPhone and WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp bold type – Android

“How to write WhatsApp in bold font?” There are actually two answers to the question. First, we will explain starting from the first method for Android phones. You can write any word in bold font with * (asterisk) at the beginning and the end. The star icon will not appear on the opposite side. The thickened word will be delivered exactly as it is written.

It is possible to make the sentences bold. For this, you need to place the asterisk at the beginning and end of the sentence, not the word. For example “Hello how are you?” To make the statement completely bold, you have to write: * Hello, how are you? *

That message on WhatsApp gets thicker and is transmitted to the other party in this way.

WhatsApp bold type – Android: Alternative method

“How to write WhatsApp in bold?” There is an alternative method on the subject. Although most people are not aware of it, WhatsApp has its own menu with text formatting options. Thanks to this place, messages can be written in bold type without the need to put an asterisk as above.

To reach that menu:

  • Write any message on the chat screen.
  • Press and hold on the word or sentence.
  • Here you will see options such as bold, italic, single space, strikethrough.

Press the “Thick” button. The bold typing process will be handled automatically and will forward the text you selected to the other party as it is.

WhatsApp bold typing – iPhone (iOS)

WhatsApp is very easy to write in bold font on iOS devices as well as on Android. The asterisk is also valid for the iPhone. So when you put * before and after a word or sentence, the message becomes thick. Of course, the star symbol does not go to the opposite side.

Alternatively, there is another method of WhatsApp bold typing for iPhone. WhatsApp offers text formatting options on iOS as well as on Android. You can write messages in bold font without the need for an asterisk.

To reach that menu:

  • Write any message in the text field.
  • Tap once on the word or phrase. Press one of the Select or Select All buttons.
  • Click on the B_I_U button that comes up.

Choose from Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, and Monospaced options here. WhatsApp bold writing process will be completed and your message will be sent to the other party.


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