WhatsApp: how to install the Covid-19 Vaccines sticker pack


Whatsapp: The world – or rather a part – is immersed in the middle of the vaccination campaign to stop and end the Coronavirus pandemic once and for all. Summer – the end of 2021 seems like the ‘magic’ date in which we can recover that reality that we had before March 2020. And for this, vaccines are essential.

But there are many people who continue to resist these, and some like that of Astra-Zeneca – the most prominent these days in news and television news – do not inspire confidence, and therefore can generate fear of receiving them. As part of an awareness campaign, WhatsApp has published a pack of stickers called ‘Vaccines’ that deals with this very thing: vaccines.

The pack of stickers Vaccines for WhatsApp

The new sticker pack has been developed in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO). WhatsApp has also partnered with more than 150 national, state and local governments, as well as organizations such as WHO and UNICEF, to offer authenticated information and resources on COVID-19 to its users around the world.

The Vaccines for All sticker pack on WhatsApp brings 23 stickers designed by WHO and is available for download on both Android and iOS. His goal is for people to “express the joy, relief and hope they feel for the possibilities offered by COVID-19 vaccines.”

Some of the stickers in the new package are also designed so that WhatsApp users can show their appreciation to healthcare personnel.

How to download sticker packs on WhatsApp

1.Open any individual or group chat on WhatsApp
2.Next to the text box where to write the message, press the emoji icon, and below, where you have to choose between emojis and GIF, the option Stickers will also appear
3.To add new sticker packs, press the ‘+’ icon next to the one you want to download, and wait for confirmation
4.The Vaccines pack is just the first to download
5.If you want them animated, you will recognize them because right next to the name they have the ‘Play’ or ‘Play’ icon. Enter to see them in motion before taking them down.


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