WhatsApp: How To Forward a Message Without Showing The ‘Forwarded’


WhatsApp: For a few years -2018 to be exact- the WhatsApp application implemented a function to let the user know that the text message they had just received in a chat window had been forwarded. In other words, it comes from another conversation and not from the one you are having with the contact of that chat.

Forward a message on WhatsApp

What can this do for us? Well, to check if someone has forwarded one of our messages, either in a private conversation or in a group chat. This function alerts you to this and when, for example, you receive a message that has been forwarded from another chat. Taking into account that the message that goes viral and begins to be forwarded from one user to another is the basis of scams and scams by WhatsApp, this forwarding alert function serves to avoid a malicious chain of messages.

But, as usually happens in these things, every function has a way of being avoided, because since it was released there is a way to send a WhatsApp message avoiding that it appears marked as forwarded. And it’s a really simple trick using app tools that have been implemented for years: the Copy and Paste function and the Share button.

Cut and paste a text message

Within any chat you have on WhatsApp, try pressing and holding on a text message. It will appear highlighted, and a series of icons will open either just above the message or at the top of the chat window. Depending on the version of the app / brand of the mobile, either the icon of two overlapping squares -copy- will appear, or you will have to click on the icon with three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the window to make it appear the Copy option.

Once you have the copied message, just go to the text window, press and hold the gap and WhatsApp will give us the option to paste the copied text. When you click to send, the message will not appear as forwarded, since we have not used that function, but it will come out as if we had written it. A forwarded message without appearing as such, as you can see in the screenshot above with the ‘Ok’ text.

Share by WhatsApp

If what you want is to forward the typical funny video, a meme or any other multimedia element that is not a text message, then you do the same:

Hold down on the content and the tools menu will appear
Hit the button with the lines and dots forming an arrow to the left – the Share or Share button.
Choose the chat with which you want to share that content
Click on the Send button
That chosen chat will receive the content you’ve shared without the Forwarded tag.


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