WhatsApp: How To Change The Group Privacy Setting?


WhatsApp Privacy Agreement has been officially in effect two days ago. Users who want to switch to other messaging platforms immediately started to search. In this process, it was experiencing the contract to approve the Convention on the contract. Accordingly, the Group Privacy Settings by WhatsApp changed with a new update. So what is this privacy setting?

How are WhatsApp Group Privacy Setting is changed?

WhatsApp was explained that the accounts of users who do not affirm to the contract that allows users’ confirmation to the Confirmation of the Confirmation. When WhatsApp is stepping back from this decision, a new claim came to the agenda.

The group confidentiality in the application is suggested that the default settings are changed. On this, users have started to search the way to change these settings.

Let’s browse the necessary settings to prevent the numbers that are not registered or recognized in your contact list to include you in any group. Here are the steps of changing whatsapp privacy settings:

Step 1 – Open whatsapp app on your phone with Android or iOS operating system.

Step 2 – Enter WhatsApp Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups menu.

Step 3 – Change the “Who can add me to the group” as my contacts.

After these transactions, the people and numbers or spam boots you do not know will be able to add you to any chat group.


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