WhatsApp: HD Photo Upload Arrives in Veta on iOS


WhatsApp: Shortly after its arrival to users of Android, Google’s operating system, the feature that allows sending photos in high quality on WhatsApp is landing on iOS. The novelty, distributed in version by the TestFlight program, is being released to some users of the beta version of the application.

Called “Media Upload Quality”, in the free translation from English, the feature allows users to select their preference for the default of sending images in conversations. You can choose from three options: “Best Quality”, “Data Saving” or “Automatic” — the latter being recommended by WhatsApp.

For users who are looking for greater fidelity in the images sent, opt for the “Best Quality” option. The change will cause WhatsApp to preserve about 80% of the quality found in the original file, in addition to maintaining its initial resolution up to the limit of 2048 x 2048 pixels. However, it is noteworthy that the feature will not only be able to consume more connection data, it will also take up more storage space.

The novelty is still in the testing phase and does not have a confirmed release date yet.


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