WhatsApp has more security and privacy than Telegram


After the controversy surrounding WhatsApp’s new privacy terms, the company’s global president, Will Cathcart, declared that the app he runs is more secure and private than Telegram.

The statement was given in an interview with Folha. He said that postponing changes will serve to better explain to people what changes. In addition, he credits the great repercussion to the number of Fake News circulated about the case.

Cathcart took the opportunity to attack some rivals. When asked what he would say to someone in doubt between WhatsApp and Telegram, he criticized the competitor’s protective measures:

“Telegram doesn’t have end-to-end encryption, they keep a copy of the messages, which is a real privacy and security issue. And many people use Telegram more as a social network, with very large groups, very large channels, a place where public figures want to reach their followers.
We believe that WhatsApp should remain an application for conversations between two people, a private space, for small groups. ”

Will Cathcart

WhatsApp President

When asked about Signal, he admitted that WhatsApp stores more data than the competitor, but argued about the greater number of features present in the application it represents, such as video calls.

What data will be shared with Facebook?

The executive explained that the update of the terms changes the new tools to send messages to large companies that use the Business API service of WhatsApp. They have a distinct label and, if you send something to these companies, they can be stored in the company – usually, in the cloud.

The intention is that this service aimed at large organizations is charged in order to be able to finance the messenger – since the app would not have found great ways to generate profits to Facebook since it was purchased in 2014.

He reinforces that normal conversations between users will continue without any access by the company, as already explained in the column Detective TudoCelular dedicated to the subject.

So, do you agree with the WhatsApp president about being more secure and private than Telegram? Interact with us!


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