WhatsApp Gives Up Cutting Functions For Those Who Do Not Accept New Terms


WhatsApp will not limit the features of the messenger for users who do not accept the new privacy terms. Facebook’s platform took a new approach in hopes of retaining its current audience.

According to a note sent to TheNextWeb, the company said it spoke with governments and professionals in the field before making the decision. However, she must insist that people agree to the new rules.

“Given recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts, we want to make it clear that we currently have no plans to limit the use of WhatsApp to those who do not accept the update,” begins the statement to the website.

“However, we will continue to remind users about the terms from time to time. For example, when using the relevant optional features, such as communicating with a company that is receiving support from Facebook,” concludes the note.

Recently updated, the WhatsApp support page informs you that it has no plans for reminders to become frequent. Warnings should appear occasionally, but not enough to be an inconvenience.

Understand the case

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy was introduced in January this year and scared users away. Although it was reinforced that the rules apply to commercial accounts, the public understood that they would have to share more data with Facebook.

After the negative reaction, the company postponed the implementation of the rules so that people would have more time to get informed about the subject. Thus, the terms took effect from May 15th.

WhatsApp initially announced that it would limit the resources of users who do not agree with the rules. However, authorities in several countries contested Facebook’s action or asked for an extension of the deadline.


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