WhatsApp Gets Temp Messages By Default


WhatsApp: This Monday (6), WhatsApp began providing a feature that allows you to standardize temporary messages in new conversations. The novelty was already in testing and appeared with limitations before, but now it can be adopted by any user of the application.

Basically, users will be able to define that messages are automatically deleted in new conversations, and even Meta has also made available more time options for deletion. It is now possible to set the timer to 90 days, 7 days or 24 hours.

More privacy options

In November 2020, the company had already made the feature available, however, the difference from the novelty is that users will be able to activate the option for automatic use in all new chats — before the new update, the timer only allowed messages to disappear in 7 days.

“In a way, this eliminates the climate that can sometimes arise when you enable this setting. If I activate it in a chat today, that question remains in the air: ‘why are you activating this?’ But now, if you’re logged into my account, people will know that this is how I prefer to communicate in general,” said WhatsApp Product Manager Zafir Khan.