WhatsApp gains function to share ‘silenced videos’


WhatsApp has released a function to silence videos before they are shared by message or published in the status. The tool is only available on phones with Android operating system, for now.

According to the application, the function is for records that must be “seen and not heard”. The announcement of the functionality was made through a publication on Twitter.

Editing must be done at the time of sharing the recording. When you select a speaker icon in the upper left corner of the screen, next to the time and file size, the video is muted.

This was the second new feature in the app in a few days. This Tuesday (02), the program started testing a function to allow animated figures cut out in other software to be used in conversations.

The new features emerge shortly after WhatsApp’s announcement of the deadline to accept the new privacy policy, which takes effect on May 15, 2021.