WhatsApp gains feature to search messages on Google


WhatsApp announced on Monday (3) a new function to the application. A search feature now allows you to search Google for the content of highly forwarded messages.

Available on Android and iPhone (iOS) and WhatsApp Web, the measure aims to stop the spread of fake news and other inaccurate information in the messenger. The feature is being tested on the latest version of the service available in Brazil, Spain, the United States, Ireland, Italy, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

When receiving a text message with the double arrow that indicates that it has been forwarded many times, WhatsApp displays a magnifying glass to do the search. When touching it, the user is directed to Google, which should display results that allow checking the veracity of the shared content.

The novelty is yet another measure taken by WhatsApp that helps to fight fake news. In the period leading up to the 2018 Elections, the application started to limit the forwarding of messages in Brazil and warn when the content is passed on. In addition, during the pandemic of the new coronavirus, WhatsApp began to restrict the forwarding of widely shared messages to just one contact.

How to search WhatsApp messages on Google?

To search for WhatsApp messages on Google, simply click on the magnifying glass next to the forwarded text many times. The application will display an alert on the mobile screen to confirm that you want to search for that content on the web. Just confirm and view the results via the mobile browser.

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