WhatsApp: Free up space on your iPhone through the App


Memory saturation due to WhatsApp multimedia files does not only happen on Android, so we show you how to free up space on iPhone.

Although WhatsApp is quite a functional application when it comes to sending multimedia content between our contacts, the reality is that if we do not clean the memory that it occupies on the device, it will saturate, be it Android or iPhone.

On this occasion, La Verdad Noticias, we will explain the best way to properly clean your iPhone from WhatsApp multimedia files, all in order to free up storage space.

To free the space that WhatsApp occupies on our iPhone, it is necessary to delete elements of the application, but if you do not know how to do it, here we leave you the step by step to achieve it.

WhatsApp: Free up space on iPhone.

Steps to free up WhatsApp space
Go to WhatsApp Settings
Select Storage and data
Click Manage Storage.

NOTE !: This will show the amount of space occupied by the multimedia files of WhatsApp, Applications and other elements, in case the iPhone is full or almost full, what we have to do is not a trick or something similar, but you have to review the elements before preparing to delete them.

Go to WhatsApp Settings
Select Storage and data
Click on Manage Storage.
Let’s go to Over 5 MB, Forwarded many times, or select a specific chat.
Click on the icon to sort the items, either: Newest, Oldest or Largest.
We select the element that we want to review.
Identify what we want to delete.
Go back to WhatsApp Settings.
Storage and data
Manage Storage.
We have two options: Select all or delete individual files.
Once we’re made up, we tap on the trash can icon.

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It is worth mentioning that another function that can be used, but which is a more laborious option, is to search the files manually to delete them.


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