WhatsApp for Android gets facial recognition in beta


WhatsApp users on Android will finally be able to lock the app with facial recognition. According to WA Beta Info, a website specializing in the application, the biometrics function is already being tested in Google’s operating system and may soon be available to more people.

With the novelty, users will be able to block the application and only the registered face will be able to view the content of the messages. The function will be available in the same menu that currently has the option to protect the app with fingerprint.

As shown by images shared by WA Beta Info, the option called “Fingerprint Lock” will be replaced by “Biometric Lock”. Soon, the user will have the option to choose between using the finger or the face to unlock the application.

As with digital unlocking, the function of locking the app with facial recognition will not be available to all Android users. The tool can only be used in WhatsApp on smartphones that have sensors capable of mapping and reading faces.

Even limited to the most powerful devices, the arrival of functionality is a milestone for Android’s WhatsApp. Facial recognition is now available on iOS and can be used on Apple systems thanks to FaceID.

The facial recognition option in WhatsApp for Android is still undergoing limited testing. As a result, it is still unclear when the functionality should be released comprehensively to users of the operating system.

Until the solution arrives in an official way, if you want to try the novelty, just enter the beta program of the application through the Play Store.

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