WhatsApp Fixes The Problem Of Sending Low Quality Photos


WhatsApp brings an update that will now completely solve the photo compression problem that users have been bothering for a long time. Although the popular messaging application Whatsapp appeals to a wide audience, unfortunately, it is developing quite heavily in some areas. One of them is to send compressed photos that users have been complaining about for a long time

The photos that you will send to your friends in the application are compressed by Whatsapp so that they do not have a high file size. As a solution to this, although users prefer to send their photos as Documents, the company finally offers a permanent solution to the issue.

WhatsApp solves the photo compression problem!

According to the information conveyed by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will save users from the trouble of sending compressed photos with the new beta update. According to the resulting screenshot, there will soon be three different photo quality options in the application. The options screen will look like this:

  • Automatic (Recommended): This option will leave WhatsApp to decide whether to compress images based on network speed.
  • Best quality: Selecting this option will provide the best possible image quality.
  • Data saving: Images will be compressed to save data and storage space.

It will also be possible to choose the video quality

Last week, WhatsApp started testing a feature where we can choose the quality of videos, just like the photo quality feature. Again, this innovation revealed by WABetaInfo will be of great importance, especially for Android users who experience resolution loss while sending video to the other party.

Accordingly, it will provide the opportunity to choose the video quality in three different options: “automatic, best quality and data saving”. It is stated that this feature, which is currently being tested in the beta version, is very popular with users.

According to the new feature, if your internet is low, you can turn on the “Data saver” option. When you activate the “Automatic” option, the application will provide the best balance between image quality and internet consumption, depending on the connection type. When you are connected to the Wi-Fi network, you will be able to open the video with the “Best quality” option.


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