WhatsApp: Features in testing phase that will arrive in 2021


Stay up-to-date with the latest features WhatsApp is testing in its beta version.

WhatsApp included new features in the latest beta version for Android, such as improved wallpapers, the ability to mute the audio of a video, and a new function to archive messages to read later.

In Somagnews we have reported the last two functions, but the novelty of the Beta update draws attention due to the video-related feature.

Whatsapp is also known to have been working on functions related to silencing group conversations and chats, in addition to calls and video calls for WhatsApp Web.

New functions in WhatsApp

Neither of these potential new options is currently usable, but work is clearly in progress with interfaces that give us an idea of ​​what they will bring to the table when they become available.

Enhanced wallpapers

Apparently, the improved wallpapers will allow changes to the chat-to-chat background, with the ability to adjust opacity, along with 29 new custom dark and solid color wallpapers also available.

WhatsApp has lacked any real customization options for a long time, so this would be a really cool new addition. You can see how these advanced wallpapers will appear on WhatsApp below:

Video mute

Another notable, but not necessarily massive, feature coming to a future WhatsApp build will be audio muting for videos sent within chats.

Currently, sending a video means that any attached audio will be added automatically. Sometimes the user wants their video to be sent without audio, and this feature will allow it with a little audio toggle that appears in the trim length editing tools that are already present.

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Read later

The last upcoming feature that may or may not come in handy is a read-after file for specific messages and chats. Simply put, this is a filter for specific chats that won’t appear in your main chat view.

It’s not necessarily useful for everyone, but it could be a great way to separate the work-specific contacts and content that come to us via WhatsApp, thereby reducing interruptions.


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