WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter Are Fined by Russia


This Thursday (26), a court in Moscow fined WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter for not storing Russian user data within the Russian border. The argument is protected by the Data Localization Law, in force since 2015 in the country.

The fines imposed by the Tagansky District Court in Moscow are:

WhatsApp: 4 million rubles (about R$283,000)
Facebook: 15 million rubles (about R$1 million)
Twitter: 17 million rubles (about R$1.2 million)

According to Roskomnadzor, the country’s telecommunications regulator, the biggest fines are from Facebook and Twitter for having already been notified in 2020, at 4 million rubles each, while this is the first fine for WhatsApp.

complying with local law

Passed in 2014, the law requires any company serving Russian users to store those users’ data on servers within the country. LinkedIn was banned from the country in 2016 as a show of force as the law began to apply.

However, since 2019, the Russian government has used fine systems to alert foreign companies to comply with the decree before a total ban. As he did with Google, last Thursday (19), when he fined him for not respecting requests made by the government.

As reported by Roskomnadzor, nearly 600 companies store Russian user data within the country’s borders, including some names like Apple, Microsoft, LG, Samsung, PayPal and Booking.


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