WhatsApp Extends Deadline to Accept New Terms in More Countries


WhatsApp may officially extend the deadline for app users to accept the new platform guidelines, which are generating criticism from competing users and services. According to reports obtained by WABetaInfo, some accounts have been notified that the deadline for agreeing to the terms of use is now June 19.

According to the website specializing in the application, the new date is appearing for users in European countries and also in Argentina. The main theory is that the service is publicizing the change in countries that have banned the app from updating usage guidelines this month.

Officially, the new rules for using WhatsApp began to take effect on May 15 and include clauses that allow sharing the app’s data with Facebook. By refusing the updated terms, the user will lose functions of the application over time, including the ability to send and read messages.

Situation in Brazil

In Brazil, the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) has given users more time to decide whether to accept updated rules without interfering with usability. Thanks to an agreement between the agency and WhatsApp, Brazilian consumers can use the app for another 90 days without the need to agree to the new terms.

In other words, in theory, Brazilians need not worry about the date of June 19. After all, if the agreement between the ANPD and WhatsApp remains firm, the new rules should only apply in our country as of August 2021.


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