WhatsApp Encourages Sending Special Messages In The New Year


WhatsApp: This week, WhatsApp launches its new New Year’s campaign that will run in India, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States, in addition to Brazil. With the motto “It’s not New Year until you get the message you’ve been waiting for”, the action aims to encourage you to send messages to people you like at the turn of the year.

The video was directed by Cannes Lions winner Niclas Larsson and filmed by Oscar-winning cinematographer Linus Sandgren and will be shown on social media, broadcast television and movie theaters.

In addition to the main clip, which will be shown internationally, shorter materials were produced for several countries. Mexico, India, United Kingdom, Nigeria and South Africa won special versions of the material. Check out the Brazilian format below, which shows the traditional New Year’s Eve celebrated on the sands of the coast.

“WhatsApp has always been an integral part of New Year’s Eve. Every year, people around the world rely on the app to stay in touch with their loved ones and share best wishes for the year ahead,” said Vivian Odior, Global Head of Brand Marketing at WhatsApp.

“One of the most interesting things about partnering with WhatsApp on this project was figuring out how to convey an emotional memory in history. We approached this by playing with speed, switching between slow motion and real speed and experimenting with light, using a shutter box to bend light. Playing between these two elements allowed us to create a dramatic visualization of dreams and memories that I think really brought the emotional performances to life,” explained director Niclas Larsson.