WhatsApp does not alert if sound is heard in conversations


WhatsApp now no longer alerts you if an audio was heard during a conversation, an action that is symbolized by a blue microphone. The change has already started to take effect for users of the app on iOS, but it is not a standard in the messenger and can be deactivated.

The change is only valid for users who use the function that disables the confirmation of the read message, which is recognized by the two check marks in blue. As with text chats, the microphone for audio messages now appears in gray, which prevents you from knowing if the content has been played.

In other words, the change is nothing more than an extension of the functionality that confirms the visualization of the messages. Currently, the implementation of the function in audios can be used in version of WhatsApp for iOS, but it should also appear soon on Android.

How to activate

The adjustment of the tool is available in the application settings, which can be accessed in the WhatsApp ellipsis menu. Then, log into Account, go to the Privacy option and search for “Read confirmation”.

To deactivate the reading confirmation of your messages, which will now include audios, just activate the button present in the option. It is important to note, however, that you will also not have the blue check in chats and voice files sent by other users of the application.


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