WhatsApp Develops A New Tool For Voice Messages

WhatsApp, which allows the use of different playback speeds to listen to voice messages for beta testers, has now started developing another feature for voicemail after enabling the feature. WhatsApp is developing a new feature that allows reviewing voice messages. With this feature, you will now be able to listen to voice messages before sending them.

Reviewing voicemails is getting easier

WhatsApp already had a similar feature for reviewing voice messages. However, the way to enable the feature was very cumbersome. With the new feature currently under development, a new “Review” button will be added that you can easily tap to listen to the voicemail.

After tapping the “Review” button as seen in the video, you will be able to listen to the voicemail you previously recorded and decide whether you want to delete or send it. Note that this feature is currently under development.

WhatsApp and India face to face again

The Indian government continues to put pressure on US-based social media platforms after the growing Covid-19 crisis. It has had its share of India’s censorship policy on WhatsApp. The platform has previously faced the Indian government over its personal data sharing policy. Now, WhatsApp end-to-end encryption protection is at stake.



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