WhatsApp: Cross-Platform Function Starts To Be Released in Beta Version


WhatsApp: Last week, WhatsApp finally released the app’s cross-platform function in beta version. Today (21), some users are already receiving the update, which started being distributed last night.

The messenger claims that messages sent by other devices will continue with end-to-end encryption, including data synchronization, such as contact names, conversation files, favorite messages, and more. Regarding the limitations, the user will not be able to send messages or make calls to people with outdated WhatsApp versions.

With the feature, it will be possible to use the messenger on up to four devices at the same time independently. That is, without needing a cell phone, which does not need to be on battery or connected to the internet. However, the first use on the device requires confirmation from the user directly on the smartphone.

It is not yet known when the update will be available to the entire public. But if you’re looking forward to waiting, check out the tutorial on how to install the feature in the beta version and use WhatsApp on up to four devices.


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