WhatsApp Confirms That Accounts Will Be Used on Up to Four Devices


WhatsApp confirmed that users will be able to use their accounts on multiple devices without the need for internet on a primary device. The information was given by Will Cathcart and Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of WhatsApp and CEO of Facebook, respectively, in an interview with the WABetaInfo website.

“It’s been a huge technical challenge to keep all of your messages and content properly synced across devices, even when your phone’s battery runs out, but we’ve fixed that and look forward to launching the feature soon,” said Zuckerberg.

According to Cathcart, WhatsApp can be used with iPads and other devices, but has not confirmed an app for tablets. A beta version that enables use on more devices is expected to be released within two months — in mid-August — and the company also plans to open more places for iOS users to use the beta version of the messenger.

Zuckerberg also cites that messages exchanged across multiple devices will continue with end-to-end encryption. “I believe we have solved this in an elegant way and [support] will be the best solution out there,” he said. Telegram, one of WhatsApp’s main competitors, allows users to access their account and message history on multiple devices.

New Privacy Features

WhatsApp also confirmed some new features that are expected to arrive on the platform soon. One is Disappearing Mode, “which enables temporary messaging in all your conversations, so your WhatsApp experience is basically ephemeral,” says Zuckerberg.

Another novelty is the View Once mode, which allows the recipient to view photos and videos received only once, before it disappears. The promise is that both features will be available “soon”, although executives have not released a specific date.

A feature that is also expected among WhatsApp users is account backup across devices and platforms. Still in beta testing, users will have the ability to transfer WhatsApp content from one Android device to another iOS (and also do the opposite way), for example.