WhatsApp changes ‘Mute chats for 1 year’ to ‘Forever’


Undoubtedly, one of the most useful functions that WhatsApp has had for years is to be able to silence a conversation with a contact or group for a certain time, be it 8 hours, 1 week or even up to 1 year.

To do this, you have to enter the chat window itself, access the drop-down menu and select the Mute command, and then do this process again when that ‘silence period’ that we have imposed on a conversation or group expires – and that we can revoke whenever we want.

Silence forever on WhatsApp

The problem is that it is not forever, and if we silence a group for 1 year, it is normal that we do not remember when the conversation will jump again. And we may find a message from that contact or WhatsApp group that we do not want to receive. The solution? Hopefully we can apply a silence without time limits, precisely the new WhatsApp option that we have seen.

Last July, WABetaInfo experts discovered in the new version of WhatsApp Beta, a new function: ‘Mute Always’ or Silence Always, an option that comes to replace the current one of Silence Chat for 1 year. In this way, the app will allow us to silence chats by:

– 8 hours

– 1 week

– Forever

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