WhatsApp: Change the APP logo to a GOLD tone


If you are someone who likes to be shiny, this is for you. There is a trick that will allow you to change the WhatsApp logo in a Gold tone.

WhatsApp has become the most downloaded application in the world and it is logical that people want to personalize their own App, that is why Somagnews has a trick to convert the logo to a golden tone (Gold).

So far, thousands of people have tried the trick to decorate their icon within their smartphone. But now it is capable of turning gold and these are the steps to achieve it.

As you will remember, long ago we showed the trick to make the WhatsApp icon change to a different color and even be able to put it in a more Christmas style, but now that the new year is coming the trend is the GOLD or gold tone.

What you need is to have a third-party application that allows you to change the entire launcher of your cell phone, yes, it only works for users who have an Android terminal.

Let’s convert WhatsApp to gold

Remember that you can also use the same steps if you want the color purple, blue, green, black, of the instant messaging application, all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

Download Nova Launcher on your Android cell phone.
Open Nova Launcher on your device
Modify the platform to your liking.
You can choose whether or not to have an app drawer.

Once you have finished, open Google Chrome and search for “WhatsApp gold icon png”, now, once you have also downloaded the png image to your cell phone, you must press the WhatsApp icon for 2 seconds.

It will be at this time that a window will open that will ask you not only to modify the name, but also the logo, so you must change the logo and once this is done, click on the WhatsApp icon.

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There a window will open, from where you must click on Gallery, then look for the image you downloaded. Arrange it your way and voila, you will have the WhatsApp logo in gold or gold.


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