WhatsApp Can See Your Last 5 Messages In A Chat If There Is A Complaint


WhatsApp: In order to protect its users, one of the protection tools that WhatsApp has is the Report function, with which you can file a kind of digital complaint against a contact or someone with whom you are chatting on WhatsApp.

In this way, the company is aware of a warning and, according to its official ‘FAQ’, “When you report someone […] WhatsApp receives the most recent messages you received from that person or group, as well as information about your recent interactions. with them”.

Access your last 5 messages

This way, the platform’s moderation team can take care of the problem. Therefore, and according to its legal basis, WhatsApp can legally access those last messages that you came across, something that in other conditions it cannot do since conversations on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, and the extreme security of its users in this point has always been one of the company’s concerns.

But, up to how many messages will WhatsApp be able to read in that private and encrypted chat in case one or another contact reports it? Well, that does not appear on the official WhatsApp question and answer website, but thanks to the experts at WABetaInfo we have known the number: WhatsApp will be able to read your last 5 messages from a chat conversation in cases where one of its members reports it , to “be able to verify the veracity of the complaint.”

5 Messages

According to WABetaInfo, this “is already enabled since update”, and what changes in the latest Beta is precisely “the number of reported messages.” It also informs them that they can block and delete the conversation, but that this will not delete the data from the other person’s account. The WhatsApp notice continues to inform that the rest of the affected contacts will not be notified of the complaint.


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