WhatsApp can read your messages if someone reports you


One of the things that WhatsApp has always boasted about, for which it has always pushed its chest out, has been its security.

Time and again, actively and passively, it has made clear to us its end-to-end encryption system between users, in which not even WhatsApp itself can read what its 2,000 million users send per month. Or rather it could, because things have changed.

WhatsApp can read your messages

As WABeta Info experts have discovered, in the latest version of WhatsApp Beta for Android,, the app has introduced in a limited way a function that allows the company to access the messages of a conversation between users or of a group if one of them reports to another contact.

In this way, WhatsApp now has the possibility of verifying user complaints by accessing a copy of part of the content of chats, whether individual, group or WhatsApp Business.

Before, what the app did was prepare a report considering factors such as whether the phone number is new or has already received complaints. But what it could not do under any circumstances was access the conversations, end-to-end encrypted. Something that, as we see, Facebook has changed.

You have to authorize it

Of course, at least the access is not as it is: WhatsApp will not be able to enter without further reading your messages, but if you are reported by a contact, you must authorize WhatsApp to access a copy of your messages. What is not yet known is what happens if you refuse to give that access.

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When the user chooses the option to report a contact, WhatsApp displays a confirmation window in which it informs that it will access “the most recent messages” from this person, if it continues with the complaint. It also gives the option to block the reported contact and delete their messages from the chat, as was currently the case.


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