WhatsApp can be blocked by anyone who has your phone

WhatsApp: A construction flaw in WhatsApp allows anyone with their phone number to be able to suspend their account from the app or even block it. Although it does not offer any danger to the user, the problem can leave you locked out of the app for up to 12 hours.

Your account can be suspended easily thanks to the WhatsApp activation system on a new smartphone. According to Android Police reports, the scammer who owns his number can download WhatsApp on a new phone and try to activate his account on his device several times.

While your WhatsApp cannot be migrated to the criminal’s device because of the two-factor authentication code, which will be sent to your device, the process may end up suspending your profile. After several login attempts, the account will be “locked” for a period of up to 12 hours.

The process can yield even more headaches if the criminal decides to contact WhatsApp support. According to Android Police, the scammer can send e-mail to those responsible for the application claiming that the phone with his number was stolen. As the application deals with this type of matter through electronic mail, the account can be suspended for even longer without the user being aware of the case.

WhatsApp’s flaw was discovered by researchers Luis Márquez Carpintero and Ernesto Canales Pereña, but it appears that WhatsApp is not currently looking for a way to fix the security hole. Although the problem is worrying, the bug does not allow the criminal to steal your account or have access to your profile data, only serving to fill the victim’s patience.

According to WhatsApp, users who suffer from the problem should contact the company’s support by providing a contact email and two-factor verification code, so the app team will assist with the inconvenience. That is, the user can only do something after being hit by the failure.



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