WhatsApp Brings A New Limit To Message Forwarding


Putting 5 people on the message forwarding process in 2018, WhatsApp has gone to a new restriction today. As of today, users, as of today, WhatsApp users will have to continue the forwarding process one by one after forwarding a message to five people.

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application in the world, has been used more than ever before. Because the coronavirus epidemic, which affects the whole world, forces people to stay in their homes and when this is the case, people often use WhatsApp to stay in touch with their loved ones. Aware that the usage rate has increased, WhatsApp has gone to a new limit to slow down the spread of false information.

The widespread use of WhatsApp is of great importance, especially in times of social events. Because people are starting to share every information they receive in such processes with their acquaintances via WhatsApp. No one questioning the accuracy of the information leads to the spread of fake news and information in a very short time. The final limitation of WhatsApp is exactly to address this problem.

After that, you will only be able to forward a message on WhatsApp once to 5 people at once
One of the actively used features of WhatsApp is messaging. With this feature, users can easily forward a message to a different chat. Moreover, a few years ago, a user could forward a message to anyone they wanted. However, in 2018, WhatsApp started to put a limit on this issue.

The first limit to WhatsApp’s message forwarding feature was that a message was only delivered to 5 people at a time. However, as of today, thanks to the new limit, you will not be able to forward a message collectively after forwarding a message to 5 people. However, if you are determined to continue delivering that message, you will be able to forward it to the people you want to forward.

Statements made by WhatsApp officials stated that the rate of message transmission has increased recently. Of course, there is no need to be a seer to guess that most of these messages are related to the coronavirus. WhatsApp developers are hoping to slow down the spread of fake information and news about coronavirus with the final limitation.


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