WhatsApp ‘Blackout’ Also Affected Criminals, Says Survey


WhatsApp: The “blackout” of the main social networks and the main messenger last Monday (4) did not only affect common users. Axur, the cybersecurity company, reported a 46.9% drop in the volume of messages exchanged between cyber criminals on WhatsApp, compared to last week.

According to the company, the reduction in the volume of messages exchanged by cybercriminals in the communication app, compared to Monday and the last Sunday (3), was 35.4%.

And it wasn’t just WhatsApp that saw a drop in the exchange of messages among this audience. The company says that compared to last week, criminals exchanged 16.7% fewer messages by Telegram, which also suffered instability. Comparing Monday with Sunday, the drop was even greater: 36.1%.

Thiago Bordini, head of Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence & Delivery at Axur, explained to TecMundo that the analysis considered people who commit cyber crimes that are in environments like the Dark Web.

“The measurement was based on the volume of messages that we collect in the environments. We perceive this volumetry from sensors that we use on the platforms and calculate this decrease in communication between cybercriminals”, points out the head.

The blows

Bordini argues that cybercriminals also use WhatsApp and Telegram because the software offers the simplicity, speed and security they need to communicate.

“The fact that they use the tools does not make them more or less safe for the population, however. Apps are simply a communication channel and would be the same thing if they were using an email, for example. What people need to be aware of are the scams in these communication channels.”

About this, the expert warns about how important it is for common users to be aware of any kind of suspicious contact made via messages, SMS, calls and emails. He reminds that scams using the modality of sending a supposed duplicate of the bank slip and fake service channels (also through phishing) are very common.

“Looking at Brazil, the most common type of cyber crime is fraud. There is a whole business of credit card numbers and database with personal information that are used for illicit purchases. And the focus of these crimes is money”, concludes Bordini.


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