WhatsApp Beta Launches ‘Watch Once’ Feature For Photos and Videos


WhatsApp Beta launched this Wednesday (30) the “watch once” feature, which makes the photos and videos sent by the application disappear as soon as the recipient opens them and leaves the chat. The functionality is currently only available to Android users.

Already released to specific beta testers, the feature is expected to reach all users in upcoming updates. To find out if the function is available in your WhatsApp account, just check if there is a little button with the number “1” next to the “Add a caption” bar, when you are going to share some type of media.

As you can check the image, just select an image from the gallery, tap the icon similar to a little clock and send. When the recipient opens, you will receive a notification:

If you are the recipient of the photo, it will simply disappear after it is closed.

More details about the feature

If you disable view and read confirmation, the effect will be the opposite for expiring media: the recipient will see if you opened the photo or video set to see it once, but you won’t see if they opened what you sent. In groups, you can preview when other participants open photos for single view, even if you have disabled confirmation.

Be careful with the media you are going to send, because, even with the feature activated, the recipient will be able to take screenshots and video, and WhatsApp does not notify this type of action.

When you choose to share photos and videos once within groups you’re a member of, you can see who viewed them in the message information.

Finally, another alert: blocked contacts will be able to open the photos and media sent in the group, even without being able to send messages or call you.


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