WhatsApp Beta gets wallpaper editing tool


In an update to the beta program on TestFlight, WhatsApp received a tool for editing and modifying wallpapers. No longer depending on the phone’s gallery, the version adds a file browser, new options for wallpapers and allows opacity control directly from the settings menu.

The tool is still exclusive for users who participate in the beta program and who have downloaded version With it, WhatsApp is able to navigate between files in the smartphone gallery, offers a new selection of 32 light, 30 dark and solid color wallpapers (similar to the one on WhatsApp for desktop) and allows you to configure a wallpaper wall for each chat.

As soon as a background photo is chosen, WhatsApp offers an opacity control, adjusting it by a horizontal bar. It is especially useful for wallpapers with many details or colors that are confused with the chat tones. In addition, it is up to the user to add or not to add the WhatsApp Doodle to the wallpaper, providing yet another small layer of customization.

Where to find?

For program participants, the tool is found in the section “Contact Information” or “Group Information” and then “Wallpaper and Sound”. From there, just choose the option you like best and adjust the opacity to your taste.

That same optional Doodle recently arrived on WhatsApp Web. The option can be found in Settings> Conversation Wallpaper> “Add WhatsApp Doodles”. Not yet available for everyone, so keep an eye out for updates provided by the Microsoft Store.

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